MX4: The Marketing, Money-Making, Motivation Masterclass

{ MX4 } The Marketing & Branding, Money-Making, Motivation Masterclass

The transformational course to become unrecognizable to yourself in how you get big results for your music career | taught by Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Course description

MX4 was created because I wished there was an all-inclusive, kick-my-butt, get-out-of-my-own-way, developed-but-stuck musician-type program back when I was working on new records, tours, fan funding campaigns and licensing pitches. This course encompasses it ALL, AND it's not just about making money, it's about making a magical and prosperous music career.

You'll get all the info you need to navigate the current music industry, and you'll also get something that is hard to find... an actionably strategy that is custom to YOU.


Define Your Real Purpose
You will develop your “statement” aka a mission that embodies your purpose in your career and you’ll master how to pitch yourself and your music.

Create A Strategy
You will define your goals in different areas of your career, then create a plan, and take actions to get unprecedented results in whatever areas you choose. You’ll learn tools to bring results to any project you take on.

Get New Results
You will develop professional marketing assets and a plan aimed at delivering the experience of your music to your target fans. You’ll re-organize your online brand to directly reflect what you want.

Get Your Mojo Back... for good
You will have improved confidence and new ways to overcome fears and obstacles as you progress in your career, thanks to new structures and a powerful community of other participants and guest industry experts!

Don't take my word for it! Listen to, and read what past participants are saying:

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This feels very much like someone taught me to rub two sticks together and I am now standing somewhat incredulously in front of a roaring fire! Everyone should know how helpful Cheryl's work is.

~ Scott Hampton, Composer

A transformative experience! MX4 not only helps you reach your goals, but actually teaches you how to be a professional and empowers you to continue to reach them long after the course is finished.

~ Avi Blum, Composer, Audio Engeineer, Educator

Of the people I will thank for winning a Grammy, Cheryl will be one of the first. I wish I could capture my gratitude and excitement in a single paragraph. Any musician who's tossed around the word "career" needs to take this class. Period. No tricks or gimmicks. Just an amazing class taught by an amazing working musician.

~ Eddy Walda, Singer, Songwriter, Composer

I'd been stuck in a creative rut for over a year, but it only took a couple of weeks before MX4 had me moving again!

~ Mike Coates, Singer-Songwriter

As a singer/songwriter, early on in my career the MX4 course has been very valuable. I feel like I have more direction, confidence, and a much better understanding of myself and what I would like to accomplish with my music career.

~ Lynn Moffatt, Singer-Songwriter

"You don't know what you don't know, but sure as hell can learn it." Prior to this class I thought we were doing pretty good: playing out, getting high fives, bar tabs and some cash. Throughout the class however I was able to identify areas that needed a lot of improvement or weren't there at all. I am leaving this experience with a new skill-set, better understanding of the music industry, how to properly manage our business, and a new network of friends and venues.

~ Ben Gage, The Gage Brothers band

Cheryl's course is AWESOME! I have taken other courses on how to be successful in the music business, but this one beats them all! Cheryl has a ton of knowledge and real industry experience, and communicates it in a way that is practical and easy to understand. She is all about taking ACTION. And in the course, you WILL take action. And the industry experts she brings in are really great in rounding out the content, and proving that what Cheryl is teaching is REAL!

Brad Roseborough, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Orchestrator

The MX4 course helped me set clear, realistic goals for myself and my musical endeavors! Highly recommend it!

Megan LuRose, Singer-Songwriter

MX4 really has become the brick and mortar to build a stable bridge to get me to my goal. I've learned SO much over the course of the six weeks. The things I learned in this course were the things I needed to revitalize my solo career as a singer-songwriter as well as my drive to perform. The time has flown by, but I've done a huge amount of work in that time including having a new website, a new Facebook Page with over 200+ likes, and reaching my goal of earning $1500 in performances in 6 weeks! It's a wild ride and one I don't plan on getting off of anytime soon! I believe this course is a life changer...

Scott Tran, Violinist, Singer-Songwriter

MX4 is a great resource for musicians who want to step up their social media presence, maximize their reach, and expand their career possibilities.

Cicada Road, Singer-Songwriter, Composer

If you want the not so obvious steps needed to move your career forward laid out in front of you, this is the course. After MX4 there are no excuses.

~ Greg Foster, Musician, Producer, Instructor

In the MX4 class I received help with many tangible things such as website design, marketing and branding but also intangibles such as focus, direction and clarity on where I am heading. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels like they are treading water in their music career. Cheryl will provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to create forward momentum.

~ Jase Hackman, Singer-Songwriter

I absolutely loved this course. It helped me organize my intention so I could be a better leader for my band mates. A few of the sessions and homework's really helped us become a stronger team and the work with Cheryl along with the guest speakers did a wonder in helping us tackle some giants on the business end of our music career.

~ Lor "Blackey", Singer- Songwriter, lead vocalist "Midnight Mob"

Cheryl's MX4 course helped me hone in on the complete picture of who I am as an artist and how to represent that confidently and consistently. It also forced me to do away with my never ending to-do list and form a healthy working relationship with my calendar which has made the daily hustle of an artist's life much less overwhelming. By solidifying my branding as an artist and laying out all my goals, big and small, I achieved a lot in a relatively short amount of time, including my brand new website!

~ Charise "Lake Lady" Sowells, Singer-Songwriter

Before MX4 I had a career plan and path that I wanted to go down, but didn't know what tools to use. MX4 has given me to tools and many more!

~ Nathan Burns, Pianist, Singer-Songwriter

This course has helped me to identify and shape what I want out of my music career. It has helped to up my branding, professionalism, and outlook within the industry. The course helped me to know that it IS possible for you to make a living as a musician today!

~ Kasey Polk, Composer and Sound Designer at Polkritude

MX4 has ignited new enthusiasm for my career, helped me clearly define important goals, and stay motivated to bring my dreams into reality. The tools and techniques Cheryl has organized, outline a powerful system for removing obstacles and focusing on what is truly important to me as an individual. Working together with a group of dedicated students made the whole experience inspiring, entertaining, and personally fulfilling.

~ Matt Moldover, Songwriter, DJ, Controller Engineer, Musician

READY TO JOIN THESE ROCK STARS? Simply sign up! $497 gets you all of the material. For only a small investment more, you get some serious mentorship, community and FACE TIME with yours truly. Your choice. See the differences below and choose what is right for you right now, to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I know there are a bunch of other courses out there for $997 and more for JUST material. This course material is priced lower, not because it's any less valuable, but rather because I believe, with ALL OF MY HEART, that THIS course will give you all the tools you need to be a powerhouse in this music industry. This course is a lower price because I WISH I had this course 7 years ago and there's NO WAY I am not going give it to you at the lowest price I can. I don't want you to regret anything. I know making an investment like this is a huge thing when you're making ends meet as a musician. I've priced this course to take that into account, without giving you any less value. You can do this.

Sign up today and let's get you headed in the direction of your very own magical and prosperous music career!

Cheryl B. Engelhardt
Cheryl B. Engelhardt
Composer, Singer-Songwriter & Creative Career Coach

As a freelance film/commercial composer and an indie singer/songwriter, Cheryl had to learn how to effectively run her own music career through trial and error. After becoming a creative career coach, she took her years of experience as an entrepreneur and musician and documented her processes, mindset exercises, and money-making must-haves for other musicians and compiled it all in this course!

In her own music career, Cheryl has released four piano-pop records, toured the globe with her band, fully-funded 2 records (raising over $20k each) and has written music for nationally-airing ads like Honey Nut Cheerios and Lowes. She graduated from Cornell University and studied orchestration at Juilliard School of Music. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her mountain-guide husband Silas and basset hound Oliver.

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